Officials order Dalits to apply talcum powder and perfume before meeting CM Yogi !

What if a poor Dalit, whose economical and social condition demand immediate concern, is asked to ‘maintain’ his appearance during meeting a dignitary like chief minister?

According to a report in Patrika, Authorities in Kushinagar asked Mushars of Mainpurkot area to take bath and apply talcum powder and perfume before going to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. The administration distributed bathing soaps, shampoo, talcum powder and perfumes among poor Mushars. The officials clearly instructed them to remain clean and tidy during chief minister’s inspection.


Actually, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was scheduled to inspect Mushars’ locality in Mainpurkot village of Kushinagar on Thursday morning. The Administration was leaving no stone unturned to make this 25 minutes-long inspection a smooth affair. Deprived of development even after 70 years of independence, the locality virtually witnessed a ‘turn around’ as each and every official of the administration was busy in giving the locality a facelift. Some of them were constructing toilets in Mushars’ homes, others were busy in repairing the approach – road. Drains were cleaned. Sanitation works were conducted even inside the houses as well.

An elderly Mushar of the village said,”Sahebs came and gave us soaps, shampoo, powder and perfumes. They told us to apply them before going to the chief minister.”

Now the million dollar question is why officials have instructed poor Mushars to apply talcum powder and perfumes? Has such instruction come from CM House? If not, then why officials are trying to mislead the chief minister?

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