Dalits rise against atrocities

Sagga village Dalits return back home after assurance to arrest accused

Dalit residents of Sagga village of Haryana called off their dharna and decided to return back to their homes on March 8 when they were assured of the arrest of the accused who allegedly inflicted atrocities on them.

They had left their homes on March 6, saying they felt threatened by the Rajput community in the village and were camping outside the Mini Secretariat in Karnal.

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Alleging harassment by Rajputs, they said they feared for their lives following a dispute between the two communities during the wedding of Dalit youth Somveer. The Rajputs had objected to Somveer riding a horse-driven chariot for the ritual of ‘ghurchari’ and they playing of DJ music during the function.

The Dalits had demanded the arrest of the upper caste men who had harassed them and sought security from the government. They decide to call off their dharna only after they were assured of the arrest of the accused. They were even given an assurance of regular visits by the authorities.

A team comprising Haryana minister Krishan Bedi, Nilokheri MLA Bhagwan Das Kabirpanthi, Karnal deputy commissioner Mandip Singh Brar, superintendent of police Jashandeep Randhawa, Haryana Scheduled Caste Finance and Develpoment Corporation chairperson Sunita Duggal held a meeting with the Dalits. An 11-member committee has also been formed to promote peace and harmony in the village.


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