About Us

“The Untouchables have no Press. The Congress press is close to them and is determined not to give them the slightest publicity. They cannot have their own Press and for obvious reasons. No paper can survive without advertisement revenue. Advertisement revenue can come only from business and in India all business, both high and small, is attached to the congress and will not favour any Non-Congress organisation. The staff of Associated Press in India, is entirely drawn from the Madras Brahmin – indeed the whole of the Press in India is in their hands – and they, for well known reasons, are entirely pro-congress and will not allow any news hostile to the congress to get publicity. These are reasons beyond the control of the untouchables”.

– Dr. B.R. Ambedkar (1945)


Even today, a large section of Indian mainstream media is busy in representing the concerns and aspirations of privileged and affluent strata of the society only. In this contract, the interests and struggles of marginalized, particularly Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, women, minorities, farmers and workers, are easily overlooked. It’s an effort of National Dastak to become the voice of marginalized. National Dastak is a collective initiative of people associated with social causes and its advisory board is comprised of eminent social activists, senior journalists, former bureaucrats, young entrepreneurs from rural and urban areas, investigators, doctors, engineers and stringers. National Dastak tries to bring those information in your notice which are never a subject of interest for other media organisations. Explaining and analyzing the age-old vicious cycles of exploitation is our another objective. Besides, we aim to create a team of five lakh volunteers from all over the country so that we can raise those issues which have gone unheard till now.